Aggressive Fart Caught on Hot Mic During Live PGA Tour Broadcast

PGA Tour golf is perhaps one of the most serious professional sports. I mean, missing a short putt can cost a golfer hundreds of thousands of dollars in some situations. So any sort of humor or joking on the course is kinda unusual.

During live second round coverage of the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, North Carolina, a fart was caught on a hot mic while the group of Brooks Koepka, Justin Rose and Jordan Spieth played the 11th hole.

And it wasn't just any fart. It was in fact pretty aggressive and seemed to sync with the moment Spieth bends down to retrieve his ball from the hole after making a birdie.

Based on the players reactions on-screen, it's hard to tell who dealt it. But even the studio announcer heard it loud and clear because he nearly breaks down mid-sentence in reaction to the trumpet blast.

I hope a caddy has a wet wipe packed in their golf bag.

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