HAIM Chase Each Other Around The Los Angeles Forum In 'Don't Wanna' Video

HAIM's "Don't Wanna" video begins innocently enough. Alana, Danielle, and Este are taking a stroll in the vacant parking lot of the Los Angeles Forum at sunset. As the clip progresses, the sisters start eyeing each other as their pace begins to quicken, then all of a sudden they're in all out sprints as they race each other and play dirty in a way only siblings can get away with in the process.

The video release is bittersweet, as the LA natives planned to play the prestigious venue on their now postponed tour. "we were so excited to headline the forum on our upcoming tour - but when quarantine hit, we had to change our plans," they lamented on Instagram. "thank you to the @theforum for letting us run around in your parking lot tho."

Watch HAIM's "Don't Wanna" video below.

"Don't Wanna" is featured on HAIM's recently released third album Women in Music Pt. III. The sisters dropped the record on Friday (June 26) after delaying its original April release and celebrated with a show at Canter's Deli in Los Angeles, albeit without any fans in attendance.

The 28-minute livestream set featured songs off the new album, including "Don't Wanna," "The Steps" and "Summer Girl."

Photo: YouTube