Cop Suspended After Running Girl's Plates to Message Her She Is Hot

An officer from the Rossford Police Department near Toledo, Ohio has reportedly been suspended and has had his gun and badge confiscated after sending inappropriate messages to a young woman through Facebook.

Emily Hackler claims she was driving home from a Planet Fitness gym and a man in a truck started following her after they both stopped at a red light next to each other. Shortly after, she got a message on Facebook that seemed to be from the man in the truck.

In the messages, he says, "Had fun racing you on Crossroad and 795 earlier" followed by a photo of himself in an officer's uniform. "I was on my way to shift and you were flying... I apologize for the randomness haha. I just wanted to give you a hard time quick about racing and say you're a hottie."

Emily responds, "So how'd you even know who I was lol" to which he replies "I figured it out after I got on shift... Plate #".

She makes it clear to him that what he just did was wrong. "I'm not a fan of stalking and harassment. You had no business looking up my information up while not even on the job, meanwhile messaging me on your personal account which you got from my information that I did not willingly give to you."

Emily posted an update after posting screenshots of their message exchange, saying she got into contact with the police department the man apparently works for. As a result, the officer's badge and gun were taken away and an investigation will be conducted.

Accessing individual's information using police resources for personal use is considered a crime.

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