Map of Venues and Businesses Open to Protesters in DC This Weekend

As large crowds are expected to be on-hand in Washington, DC this weekend for protests, many businesses, venues and churches are opening their doors to the public to assist them with restrooms, food, water, personal protective equipment items, and phone chargers, among other things.

The hashtag #OpenYourLobby is being used to encourage businesses to help out during the protests.

Each venue/business/church marked on the map can be clicked on for a more detailed explanation on what is being offered at each location. Note that due to the large turnout expected, it is possible that these locations will run out of supplies should they be offering and this map should only be used as a guide.

Also keep in mind, most if not all of these locations may require the use of a proper face mask and social distancing. Some are also asking the public for help with donations of supplies.


Photo: Getty Images

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