Property Manager in Tears in Aftermath of Looters Destroying His Businesses

Looters went through and caused property damage and stole from various parts of Long Beach, California as protests got out of hand over the weekend.

One property manager was caught by a news team as he arrived on the scene to see what had happened to his businesses first-hand. He said it looked as if "a bomb went off" on the area of Fifth Street near Long Beach Boulevard.

The manager, Marc, says, "I saw it all unfold last night, but being here, seeing it in person, this is horrible. You have a mom-and-pop shop just struggling to stay afloat. They've been closed for two months. Now, all their windows are broke. This is devastating for business."

Thousands of participants took part in protests over the death of George Floyd in Long Beach in what was supposed to be a peaceful protest, but turned violent. The mayor requested assistance from the National Guards as things got out of hand.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

Photo: Getty Images

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