This Ridiculous Potomac Mansion Has a Christmas Town in the Basement

According to one study, the 20854 zip code in Potomac, Maryland is the wealthiest in the state. So you would expect to see some pretty extravagant houses in the area.

One house that happens to be up for sale is pretty extravagant. Meaning the basement of the house has an entire Christmas town built in it.

The house has 7 beds, 8 baths, 3 half baths, a pool, a guest house, 4 acres of land and just over 12,000 sq ft of living space.

But the highlight is the basement. There's a main street that has real classic cars and a motorcycle on it, and multiple "storefronts" including a post office, movie theater, and tattoo parlor.

Of course, there are a ton of other amenities that you'd expect if you were shelling out $4.5M for a house, but the basement is a classic.

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