Man Jumps into the Inner Harbor on Memorial Day "For His Grandchildren"

Although Baltimore's Inner Harbor has recently shown signs of improvement, it's still not a body of water you'd want to go swimming in voluntarily.

Most locals know this. Many visitors do not.

On Memorial Day, a man was recorded on video near what appears to be the Bond Street Wharf in Fells Point having stripped down to his underwear. He runs to the edge, jumps off, and yells something and poses as he plunges into the water. Nearby onlookers even laugh at him.

A couple of people who are possibly security guards appear to be approaching the area as the man climbs out of the water via a ladder. He says, "I think that went well!"

According to the uploader of the video on Twitter, the man said he did it "for his grand children" and was warned about the water before he jumped in.

I hope he doesn't get ill.

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