Tom Brady Splits His Pants During Tiger Woods Golf Match

Tom Brady teamed up with golf legend Phil Mickelson to take on another golf legend by the name of Tiger Woods and his partner Peyton Manning for a charity golf match on Sunday to raise funds for coronavirus relief.

Although the pair of NFL future Hall-of-Famers' golf games aren't up to par with the pros, they did provide some entertainment.

Brady, who struggled with hitting the ball out of bounds, redeemed himself on the par-5 7th hole after commentator Charles Barkley ribbed Brady's game through the live mics the players were hooked up with. Brady proceeded to hit the ball in the hole from over 100 yards away.

Although he made up for his somewhat embarrassing golf game at that moment, the glory was short lived. As Brady bent over to get his ball out of the hole, he split the back of his pants. Brady and Mickelson also split the hole with Woods and Manning despite the miraculous shot.

Thankfully, due to the rain while the four played at The Medallist Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, Brady had a pair of rain pants with him and put them on.

Photo: Getty Images

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