Gender Reveal Goes Terribly Wrong After Sister Hit With Dart

People have come up with some pretty elaborate ideas to reveal the gender of their babies to the world. Fireworks displays, alligators biting into colored-filled watermelons, setting your car on fire, etc.

One couple decided they would fill a balloon with confetti and throw a dart at the balloon to pop it to reveal their baby's gender. The video took place in 2018 but the footage was only recently uploaded to social media.

Sounds pretty basic compared to what other people have done for attention but it went terribly wrong.

The dart popped the balloon, revealing pink confetti for a girl, but the mom-to-be's sister happened to be standing directing in the path of the dart after it passed through the balloon, piercing her above the foot.

“I look down because I feel a pinch and there it is sticking out of my foot,” the sister said. “Maybe it was the adrenaline but I had no clue until I looked down.”

She was sent to the ER where doctors removed it and gave her a tetanus shot. She says she was otherwise "OK."


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