English Police Discover Giant Penis Drawing in Field in Search for Suspect

Police in West Cornwall, England were left scrambling after a suspect ran off. So they deployed a drone equipped with a camera in an attempt to track down the suspect and relay their location to officers on the ground to make the arrest. While doing so, they made a significant find.

In a photo shared to their Facebook page, the Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police revealed they discovered a giant drawing on a penis in a field. The sight could only be seen from the air.

With the photo, they added in the caption:

It’s absolutely amazing what you see from the air and sometimes we’re caught a bit off guard!
Whilst in West Cornwall and searching for an offender who’d recently run off from police, we came across this unusual piece of artwork in a field, taking us completely by surprise!😳😱😱😱

It's unknown if the police did find their suspect.

Source: NYPost.com

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