Senator Slammed for "Worst High School Commencement Speech of All Time"

A senator from Nevada extended a kind gesture and recorded a video commencement speech for a high school in Nebraska. But the video is getting attention for all of the wrong reasons and is being called the "worst high school commencement speech of all time."

Instead of using the platform to tell a personal story of perseverance, learning and relevancy, Ben Sasse used the opportunity to make political statements and to slam "thugs in China".

"We will bring the economy back. We are going to beat the virus... We're going to have to have a serious reckoning with the thugs in China who let this mess spiral out of control by lying about it," he said.

The speech also made attempts at humor that seemed out of place during the current climate.

A school board member of the high school responded to the speech on Facebook, saying, "You deserved better than the graduation remarks from Senator Ben Sasse. The racism, implying that our graduates are fat and lazy, disparaging teachers, and attacking the mental health profession are despicable."

Source: Business Insider

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