Maryland Bar-Goers Flock to Seafood Pub in Giant Inner Tubes, Coming Soon

Well, if you want to get back to the bars and social distance at the same time, I guess we have to come up with some unique ideas.

In Germany, some cafe goers used pool noodles on their heads to social distance.

However, right here in Maryland, nothing compares to what a bar in Ocean City did this past weekend!

According to TMZ:

"They're called Bumper Tables, and Fish Tales owner Donna Harman tells us she's already bought up 10 of them, which she plans to roll out once she's allowed to. She says she'll probably let people use these in the parking lot -- it'd be kinda tight inside -- and estimates she can safely fit 40 to 50 of them at a time in that space, so she'll probably buy more."

Alright, where do I sign up? This is EXACTLY what we need right now!

More HERE and check the video below!

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