Tech Nerd Shatters Hillbilly's Ribs with Devastating Roundhouse Kick

These two dudes start randomly fighting on the side of the road and one dude leaves with probably a couple of cracked ribs after underestimating his opponent.

The one dude looks like he works for Best Buy's Geek Squad and the other looks like a hillbilly. The hillbilly dude probably thought he could take the nerd no problem but it seems like he has a basic understanding of some martial arts.

Hillbilly goes in for the strike but Geek Squad fends off the wild fists and then delivers a spinning back heel kick that stuns the dude. He then delivers a series of punches to hillbilly before squaring up for a roundhouse kick right to the dude's ribs.

The fight is over after that and someone whispers, "He just got the s**t kicked out of him."

Apparently, there was a Round 2 involving a 2x4. Before the cops came, hillbilly suffered a broken nose and broken ribs while tech nerd ended up with a broken arm.

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