"Grim Reaper" Joins Live News Broadcast to Protest Reopening of Beaches

An attorney dressed as the Grim Reaper has been spotted on various beaches in Florida to protest the reopening of beaches which he believes was done prematurely.

Daniel Uhlfelder donned the costume and began showing up at beaches where he quickly gained attention on social media.

A local ABC affiliate caught wind and brought Uhlfelder on the air to state his cause:

“I think that the danger of bringing all the people here to our area and spreading the virus, I think it is going to prolong the recovery we have and I think that we should take better measures. Drawing people from all over the world to our beautiful beaches, it’s too soon and it’s not appropriate,” Uhlfelder said.

Florida's statewide closures of public beaches expired on April 17 and towns with beaches were left to their own discretion as to whether or not they would reopen.

Source: TheHill.com

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