News Anchor in Hot Water After Naked Woman (Not His Wife) Walks in Frame

A lifestyle reporter in Spain has found himself in a bit of a controversy after a naked woman was spotted walking in the background during a live news broadcast.

But there was a bigger issue than just the nude woman behind Alfonso Merlos. That's because the woman wasn't his wife.

Merlos had already been in the Spanish tabloids for his public breakup with his wife, Marta Lopez, who was a contestant on the country's version of the reality show Big Brother 2.

After the video went viral, Lopez reacted, saying, "You have all seen it… what do you want me to tell you? It is quite shameful and quite strong."

Merlos then issued an apology, but did not acknowledge the woman seen in the video clip. He admitted his "attitude has not been correct," and that he didn't mean to hurt his wife.


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