Angry Mom Arrested After Refusing to Leave Playground That Was Closed

A video shows a mom being placed into custody after she refused to take her kids and leave a playground which had been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She can be seen arguing with a law enforcement officer who informs her that the playground has been closed due to the fear of the spread of coronavirus.

The mom argues the park is a public place and that her tax dollars paid for the park, but the officer reminds her than under the current circumstances that the playground needs to be closed for the time being and that he is there only to enforce the guidelines put in place by the government.

The officer says he would like everyone to leave for their own protection, but the mom responds asking if he is protecting her against her kids playing outside to get fresh air and vitamin D.

Another officer steps in and seems to be losing his patience with the woman and gives her one final warning to leave the playground. She again refuses and basically tells him to arrest her, so he does.

Photo: Getty Images

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