Dude at 5G Protest Pretends to Get Hit by a Tow Truck

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A group of over 100 protesters in the coastal town of Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia turned out in protest of 5G equipment being installed at a Post Office.

As local police monitored the situation and did not interfere with either the protestors or Telstra installation crew, one dude took matters into his own hands to try and get the install to stop.

Video captured from the protest shows a man standing on the side of the road as a large truck is backing up slowly at a crawl-like speed. As the man deliberately stands in line with the truck's side view mirror and inches towards him, the man head-butts the mirror and collapses to the ground in an attempt to make it seem like the truck hit him.

Other protestors start screaming as they try to revive the "lifeless" man but the fact that there are multiple police officers feet away watching the whole thing not react to the situation means they know what is going on.

Police said, "One man was arrested, and after resisting police, he was placed in the rear of the police vehicle. He was taken to Mullumbimby Police Station where he assisted with inquiries and was later released. Police forcibly removed two women from the footpath where they were obstructing the tow truck; they were later released. A man was seen to walk directly towards the tow truck and headbutt the side mirror causing a head injury. He was treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics at the scene and was not taken to hospital. The remaining protesters left the site."

Source: Echo.net.au

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