Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to Announce Recovery Plan on Friday

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced today (April 22) that he plans to unveil the recovery plan for the state this Friday, April 24th.

Hogan says the plan has been made with close consultation with doctors and public health experts. It is some much needed news for everyone looking to start the road to recovery.

The plan is being described as "a safe, effective, and gradual plan to allow the state to reopen, to rebuild and to recover as soon as it is safe to do so."

Is is being called "Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery" and involve four steps: Testing, PPE (personal protective equipment) supply, the capacity of hospitals to handle a surge of patients, and testing.

A week ago, the state acquired 40,000 COVID-19 tests and invested in UMB to assist them to handle 20,000 tests per day. This past weekend, Hogan and his wife Yumi acquired an additional 500,000 tests from South Korea. So far, about 76,000 tests have been completed.

Source: FOX Baltimore

Photo: Getty Images

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