TV Reporter Accidentally Films Naked Husband in Shower During Live Segment

NSFW Warning: CLICK HERE to see the video

On a recent live segment on KCRA, an NBC affiliate in Sacramento California, keen eyed viewers spotted something something that should have not been aired.

Melinda Meza was doing a segment on how hair stylists want to keep working and gave viewers a quick view of her cutting her own hair. But that was not the only thing viewers got a glimpse of.

It appears Meza didn't realize that her bathroom mirror would reflect the other side of the bathroom and a door the leads to the shower. And that door happened to be open. And unfortunately, someone was in the shower getting themselves cleaned.

The man's genitalia are in full view for a few seconds before the broadcast cuts back to the anchors in the studio.

"Oh, she is brave!" exclaims one anchor although it is unclear if she means Melinda is brave for cutting her own hair and/or brave for broadcasting her naked husband in the shower.

Photo: YouTube

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