Entitled Streamer Shames Viewers for Not Donating During Global Crisis

A popular streamer on Twitch is under fire after shaming people watching her on the platform and not paying for a subscription to her channel during a global pandemic that has left many people out of work.

The streamer, from Toronto, have over 140,000 followers on Twitch where people can watch clips of her for free, but she encourages everyone to become a subscriber for $4.99 per month or as much as $10 in other currencies.

"It doesn't matter how broke you are. If you have time to watch Twitch, you have $10. If you don't have $10, you probably don't have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working, you should be trying to earn money," she says in a clip that is going viral.

When someone posted a comment in the stream that they didn't have any spare money right now because it is all going to pay rent, food and bills, the streamer didn't seem to care. "No one's going to convince me that what I'm saying is so rude, or so unacceptable, or so outrageous. It just simply isn't... What you mean to say is, 'I'm so irresponsible with my money, I can't support the entertainment that I enjoy.'" 

While many people are currently out of work and others are working tirelessly as essential workers, this streamer is shaming people who don't spend their money on her to watch her sit around and play video games. What a strange world we live in these days.

Photo: Twitch.tv

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