Annapolis Anti-Quarantine Protester Forgets Parking Brake, Causes Accident

Saturday afternoon, hundreds of protesters in their vehicles blocked roads in Annapolis in protest of the restrictions put in place by the Governor.

As cars lined the streets, waved banners from their cars and blared their horns, one protester ended up in a bit of a pickle.

A man approaches a black Jeep and tells the driver to get out of his vehicle as it appears something is happening off-camera. The driver, however, forgets to put his SUV in park when getting out and it starts rolling forward. He tries to get back in to stop it, but it's too late. The Jeep rolls into another protester on a motorcycle and knocks him off.

The protesters out in Annapolis believe that the restrictions will severely damage the economy for a long time to come. Nearly 300,000 people in the state have filed for unemployment in the past month.

Photo: Getty Images

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