Supermarket Manager Blasts Hoarder Who Wants Refund for 4,800 Rolls of TP

When the whole coronavirus outbreak started, many people rushed out to their local supermarkets to load up on essential supplies due to the uncertainty in the future. Over a month later, many of these items are still in short supply, namely toilet paper and hand sanitizer. To make matters worse, a number of hoarders went out and ravaged the supplies either out of fear or in hopes of flipping the items for a profit.

Now, over a month into the pandemic, many hoarders who bought tons of supplies are finding out that they bought way too much, had their profit flipping operations shut down and/or are finding out that retailers don't accept returns on them.

A manager of a supermarket in Australia recounts an interaction he had with a customer who wanted a refund on 150 packs of toilet paper each containing 32 rolls (that's a total of 3,200 rolls) and 150 1L bottles of hand sanitizer (that's just shy of 40 gallons).

The manager says when the customer asked him for a refund on the items, he offered him a middle finger. "That is the sort of person that is causing the problem in the whole country. If everyone had just bought the things they had needed for their immediate short term, we would be fine. But the reality is that we've had so many people hoarding products and buying products that they're never going to use and you wanna ask why there's a limit. Well, the limit is so we can try and share whatever product we get in for whatever particular time it comes in that everyone that comes in for our shopping experience can get something."

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