Woman Goes to Withdraw Stimulus Check and Finds $8.5M in Her Account

A retired Florida woman went to an ATM to withdraw the money she had been sent via her stimulus check and was greeted with an unexpected surprise.

Diana Lagulli says she visited an ATM at a Wawa to take out some cash and discovered she had a balance of $8.5M in her account.

“I laughed and told our son, ‘look, your parents are millionaires,’” Lagulli told WOFL. She checked to see what was going on with her bank, and expectedly, was told it was an error. "That fairytale went out the window," she said.

Within about 12 hours, Diana says she got an alert on her phone from her bank that the funds that were erroneously deposited to her account had been removed.

Still, Lagulli put her stimulus money to good use, even if she didn't quite end up with millions of dollars. She says she spent the money to buy supplies for a nurse. “It made me happy to do that even though I don’t have $8 million dollars. You should have seen her face,” Laguilli said.

Lagulli is not the first person to have been mistakenly given an incredible amount of money via a stimulus check. An Indiana man also discovered $8M in his account when he went to check the status of his check.

Source: NYPost.com

Photo: Getty Images

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