Long Island Police Pay Korean War Veteran a Special Visit on 90th Birthday

During these times of uncertainty and social distancing, many people are struggling who live apart from their friends and family. Especially those hardest hit are our senior citizens.

When a Police Department in Long Island, New York heard that Korean War veteran Herb Berger was having a hard time knowing he would be celebrating his 90th birthday apart from his friends and family, they extended him a kind gesture after his grandson reached out to them and asked if there was any way they could help.

So many members of the Nassau County Police Department made a caravan of police vehicles and created a makeshift parade to celebrate Herb's birthday. Even the Commissioner came out to honor Berger on his birthday and personally thank him for his service. He wanted to shake the veteran's hand but could only offer him a salute and a medal and joked that he should clean it.

Although it has been hard to adjust to the new social rules, it has been an opportunity to help people who need it the most.

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