Lady Pulls Up to Drive-Thru Window to Find Employees Brawling Inside

NSFW Language Warning!

A lady rolls up to the drive-thru window of her local fast food restaurant hoping to pick up some delicious food but did not expect to see what she did.

As she pulled up to the window, the employees of the restaurant are involved in a physical altercation. She honks her horn to try and get them to break it up so she can get her food but to no avail.

The two employees eventually calm down, but only temporarily. One of the employees throws a sheet of metal at the other employee as another employee is trying to settle her down and her temper flares right back up.

Another employee tells the lady trying to get food to stop recording. Maybe she should try a different restaurant. I'm just a dude working from home during the pandemic so I can't even begin to imagine the kinds of stresses people who are in underpaid positions and are deemed "essential" are going through right now.

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