Man Refusing to Wear Mask Arrested at Wawa Twice in the Same Day

A 70-year old man was arrested twice in the same day - both times at a Wawa for refusing to wear a mask inside the stores and causing a ruckus both times.

Police say that the man, Stephen Breza, entered a Wawa in New Jersey shortly before 11am on Saturday, April 11th, and was told he needed to be wearing a mask. According to the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, Breza refused and "allegedly started screaming, flailing his arms and cursing at employees." He also allegedly threatened another customer and told him he was going to bash him with a pipe.

Breza was arrested and reportedly also screamed at the officers, but they released him from custody.

Breza went to a different Wawa location on the same road around 1:30pm, only hours after his first arrest. He punched a customer in the face and then went outside to his car and grabbed a pipe which he "wielded menacingly," possibly the one he referenced at the earlier location.

He was arrested again and is now being held in jail with charges of violating emergency orders, disorderly conduct, failure to submit to fingerprinting, resisting arrest, second-degree terroristic threats during an emergency and third-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose between the two arrests.

Under an Executive Order signed last week by the state's Governor Phil Murphy, all customers who patron essential businesses must wear a face covering or the business has the right to decline entry.


Photo: Orange County Jail

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