Couple Fined $2,100 for Breaking Lockdown After Posting Old Vacation Pics

Some places are taking the quarantining and lockdown of citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. One couple found out just how seriously.

A couple living in Victoria, Australia was fined AUD$3,304, equivalent to about $2,100 after posting photos of their vacation to Facebook which showed them violating the state's strict lockdown rules.

Days after posting the photos, police paid the couple a visit and issued them the fine for "non-essential travel."

The only issue was that the photos that Jazz Mott posted of her and her husband Garry at Lakes Entrance were taken in June of 2019. They say they found the photos on their computer during a recent move.

When they explained what happened, a senior police officer said the fine would be revoked and they were told to not post any photos while the lockdown was still in effect.

The Victoria Police say they are not actively monitoring social media for lockdown violations but that they are taking reports submitted by the public seriously.

"On occasion, errors will be made however that is why a review process exists to ensure instances such as these are identified and rectified," they said.


Photo: Getty Images

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