Group of Dudes Get Washed by Popeyes Employees After Starting a Fight

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Last year, Popeyes made waves across the country with the release of the Chicken Sandwich. People traveled far and wide, stood in line for hours, and even got into fights so they could get their hands on it.

Although the hype has died down somewhat due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are apparently people still throwing fists inside of Popeyes.

A video shows a group of three dudes trying to enter one of the restaurants but the employees are blocking them from entering and refusing service, telling them they have also called the police. They seem to be leaving when one of them rushes the door and starts punching one of the Popeyes employees.

An all-out brawl breaks open, as the three dudes all enter and start fighting the Popeyes employees. The Popeyes employees actually take out all three dudes after a short brawl with one of them getting pummeled after being thrown into some chairs.

The three hooligans leave the restaurant in retreat. At least one of them got served a six-piece.

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