It Appears the XFL Has Shut Down Operations, for Good

After having cancelled the remainder of its first season since relaunching in 2020, it appears the XFL has shut down for good.

In a tweet, NFL reporter Tom Pelissero says, "The XFL just held a conference call in which all employees were told the league is suspending operations. Said one: 'The word they used was 'shut down.'"

The season, which was scheduled for 10 weeks of games followed by the playoffs, played only 5 weeks after the coronavirus pandemic forced basically all sports leagues to stop playing games.

The league initially intended to keep playing with empty stadiums, but quickly backtracked and cancelled all games after major sports leagues began canceling and postponing their own games.

Although the XFL never fielded a level of talent that came close to the NFL, the revived league was a breath of fresh air especially for the Washington, DC market. Fans who have become fed up with the Washington Redskins and namely owner Daniel Snyder quickly embraced the DC Defenders.

The three games held at Audi Field averaged over 16,000 fans in attendance and home games gained national prominence when fans built impressive "beer snakes" that stretched for rows and rows of seats.

XFL DC Defenders Fans Create a HUGE Beer Snake During Blowout Win - Thumbnail Image

XFL DC Defenders Fans Create a HUGE Beer Snake During Blowout Win

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