Local News Broadcast Abruptly Cuts to Weatherman with No Pants On

Working from home has forced many companies to adjust how they do business on the fly. In particular, local TV news channels have had their anchors and reporters set up cameras from their houses to live-stream. Since working from home can be a much less controlled environment than a television studio, there are a number of things that could go wrong.

On a recent broadcast for an NBC affiliate in the Chicago area, live footage from the White House Coronavirus Task Force Meeting abruptly cuts to their local meteorologist who is clearly not ready to be on the air.

The weatherman is seen kicked back and relaxing with one leg propped up that reveals he's not wearing any pants. After a few moments, he realizes his camera is on and shouldn't be and turns it off as the broadcast cuts to an anchor who apologizes for the technical difficulties.

At least there are some light-hearted moments when watching the news.

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