Justice: Russian Robber Gets Pepper-Sprayed, Beaten with Chair

A dude in Russia will probably be having seconds thoughts about ever robbing a store again.

He enters the store armed with a hammer and slips behind the counter to steal some cash, but the employee is also armed... with pepper spray.

The robber takes a good 4 to 5 blasts of pepper spray to the face which proves to be highly effective as he starts swinging his hammer wildly.

The shop employee picks up on this and uses it as an opportunity to rapid fire punch the dude.

A good samaritan in the store also offers a helping hand, grabbing a nearby chair and blasting the dude with it so many times that the chair becomes a tangled mess of metal and plastic.

Then the two tag team the robber with countless punches while the man is still coughing from the pepper spray.

Somebody stop the damn match. Enough's enough.

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