Scammers Set Up Fake COVID-19 Test Sites, Charge $240 for 'Test'

Videos of what appears to be a group of scammers setting up fake coronavirus testing sites in parking lots around Kentucky have gone viral.

A group of people who call themselves a "medical marketing company" were spotted at a "pop-up" COVID-19 testing site, offering what they say are fast results for about $240 per test.

Video shows a group of people wearing hazmat gear with a set up of white tents in the parking lot near a church, allegedly collecting people's personal information and DNA in the scam. Witnesses say that the scammers are not taking proper medical protocol performing the tests and are reusing materials from person to person.

Metro Council President David James and people of Louisville have been working to track down the fake testers.

"They're the scum of the Earth and they're preying on the poorest of the poor, and I'm going to do everything in my power to get them the [explicit] out of Kentucky," says James.

One commenter on Reddit claims that the police were called, but never responded. A group of citizens then took it upon themselves to follow the group and find their fake testing sites and news reporters joined in.


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