Florida Man Arrested After Spraying Substance Labeled 'COVID-19'

A Florida man has been arrested and charged after he allegedly sprayed a substance labeled 'COVID-19' on the entrance doors of a business in Jacksonville and telling the people inside that they were now all infected with the virus.

Jacksonville police say they received a call about a man who approached the business on March 29th before Noon carrying a container which he used to spray on the doors and around the entrance area while employees and patrons were inside.

Officers arrived on the scene shortly after the call and were able to identify the man they believe was responsible, 40-year-old David White. White was arrested and charged with the "Manufacture, possession, sale, delivery, display, use, or attempted or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction or hoax weapon of mass destruction."

The business took proper precaution and cleaned and sanitized all of the areas that the suspect had sprayed with the unknown substance.

Photo: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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