National Cathedral Donates 5,000 Masks After Finding Them in Crypts

A pair of Washington, DC hospitals facing shortages of critical medical supplies have both received donations from an unlikely source.

Both Georgetown University Hospital and Children's National Hospital were gifted over a thousand respirator masks from the National Cathedral. The Cathedral uncovered a stash of about 5,000 masks stored within its crypt.

The Cathedral said in a statement that "the masks were purchased more than a decade ago following a previous health scare. They were meant to allow clergy to provide pastoral care without putting their own health at risk."

Although the masks were over 10 years old, it was determined that they were still safe to use. About 3,000 of the masks were donated to Georgetown University Hospital, about 2,000 were donated to Children's National, and the church held on a few for themselves.

Source: MSN/AFP

Photo: Getty Images

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