Out-Of-Work Strippers Are Delivering Food Via 'Boober Eats'

The owner of a strip club was put in a hard place when mass gatherings were outlawed, effectively halting his entire business. His employees found themselves out of work... until he came up with his own solution.

Shon Boulden, who runs Lucky Devil Lounge, decided to keep the kitchen open and offer delivery. He joked that he would send a stripper to your door to deliver your order, and his dancers were actually on board with the idea.

Quickly, word spread that delivery orders from Lucky Devil were being fulfilled by strippers, and business was booming again as regulars of the Lounge called in orders and requested their favorite dancers to deliver. He calls the service 'Boober Eats.'

Boulden says his whole team is still working. Security guards are driving around the dancers on deliveries, dancers are making the doorstop deliveries, and bartenders are helping take orders and answer questions.

Photo: Getty Images

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