Flight Crew Puts Woman in Headlock After She Deliberately Coughed on Them

A Thai Airways plane that had landed at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, China was stuck at the terminal for seven hours due to the increased screening for coronavirus.

According to reports, a woman who became frustrated started deliberately coughing on members of the flight staff to get them to open the doors and let her out.

Video footage shows a scuffle between the passenger and a steward who puts the woman in a headlock. She calls for help as more members of the airplane staff come to assist the steward.

A member of Thai Airways safety department said regarding the incident, "We could not open the doors of the plane until instructed to and health officials came to proceed with checks. Therefore, Thai Airways had to wait for seven hours before officials arrived at the inspection queue.

"The Chinese passenger was upset about being held for a long time and coughed at one of our staff. After she calmed down we explained the situation to her and she agreed to sit and wait for screening."

Source: TheSun.co.uk

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