'Ancient Sword of the Meth King' Has Been Seized by Michigan Police

The legend had been just that, a legend, until now.

A Michigan police department confirmed the legend is true when they seized the heralded "Ancient Sword of the Meth King" when a routine traffic stop uncovered a treasure trove of firearms, ammunition, weapons and methamphetamine.

The Bath Township Police Department posted a photo to Facebook of the mythical blade with the caption, "In the early morning of Jan 27, Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. A subsequent search located a very odd combination of illegally possessed weapons as well as methamphetamine. #ObviouslyAHiPoint #LordOfTheRingsMeetsJohnWick #AncientSwordOfTheMethKing"

Apparently the sword is from a Japanese anime called "Bleach."

Source: NYPost.com

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