Inmate Falls Through Ceiling During Botched Escape

Surveillance video inside an Ohio jail captures the moment when an inmate attempts to escape by climbing into the ceiling only to come crashing down through it moments later.

In the video, 42-year-old Jessica Boomershine is seen in a holding area with other inmates when she pulls a chair to the side of the room and climbs on top of it to get into the ceiling. The other inmates appear to cheer Boomershine on as she attempts her escape. An employee of the jail seems to take notice of what's happening and alerts nearby officers.

After a few seconds, debris starts to fall from the ceiling and Boomershine comes crashing down into a trash can as officers enter the room.

Boomershine was being held for allegedly assaulting and robbing an 85-year-old man. She now faces additional charges for escape and destruction of property.


Photo: APNews/YouTube

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