Huge Farts Halt Televised Professional Billiards Championship Match

From The Guardian:

Stuart Bingham won the Masters 10-8 but one of the biggest days in the snooker calendar was briefly disrupted by an electronic “whoopee cushion” in the crowd...
...the perpetrator, who was quickly removed from the venue – but not before a number of fart noises had caused much mirth inside Alexandra Palace.
"I think it could be someone with a whoopee cushion," Dennis Taylor said on the BBC’s commentary. “Not very funny at all.”

Snooker is a cue sport roughly similar to billiards, except snooker is played with 22 balls in case you're like me and have no idea what snooker was.

Although the commentator of the match described the stunt as "not very funny," the audience in attendance would disagree as fits of laughter overtook the arena.

It's also not the first time a snooker match has been stopped from an audience fart. Back in 2013, a fart disrupted Judd Trump as he lined up a shot in a match against Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Thunderous Fart Halts Professional Billiards Match - Thumbnail Image

Thunderous Fart Halts Professional Billiards Match

Photo: YouTube

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