Grandma Ripped for Gifting Granddaughter "Stripper Getup" Onesie

A Grandmother is under fire from the Internet after she bought a "disgusting" and "inappropriate" onesie for her new granddaughter.

Photos of the baby wearing the onesie were shared to Reddit, showing the garment with what appears to be nipple tassels, thong underwear and a tramp stamp tattoo printed on it.

According to the user who saw the original photos posted to social media, the Grandma says that her daughter is a stripper and did it as a joke.

Still, it didn't stop the comments from pointing out how wrong it is to gift a baby such a thing. "Really gross because it's sexualizing a baby, even as a joke," says one user. "The lower back tattoo is kind of funny, albeit tasteless. The nipple tassels take it to a whole different level though," says another.

Other users pointed out that the onesie appears to be homemade, so at least it reassuring to know there's not a company out there mass producing them.


Photo: Reddit

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