Adult Film Shot at a Public Library During Business Hours Sparks Outrage

A video uploaded to a popular pornography website depicting sex acts taking place in a public library during normal business hours is causing outrage in the community.

The 10 minute video, uploaded to Pornhub, is shows a woman exposing herself outdoors in Santa Monica, California, even near an elementary school. Then, the woman is depicted performing sex acts inside the Santa Monica Public Library, Ocean Park Branch and talks about not getting caught.

Multiple people have alerted the city via social media about the video, claiming the possibility that children could be exposed to these sorts of things. One of those people got a response and said, "They say that it is a misdemeanor and unless they witness it themselves, there is nothing they can do about it."

To add to the controversial situation, the website pays the creators of the videos for racking up clicks and views. The male participant in the video never has his identity revealed in the video, but the woman has apparently appeared in a number of other adult films.

The city has yet to make an official statement regarding the video.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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