Woman in Seat Recline Controversy Wants to Sue American Airlines

The woman who recorded herself on an American Airlines flight while the man sitting behind her punched her seat now says she wants to sue the airline.

Wendi Williams was on a roughly two hour long flight from New Orleans to Charlotte on January 31st when she recorded the passenger sitting directly behind her punching her seat, apparently upset over the fact Williams' seat was reclined while the man was in a seat that could not recline. The video was uploaded to Twitter on February 8th and have been viewed over 2 million times across various outlets.

After TMZ reported that American Airlines told them that the whole incident unfolded after Williams knocked over the man's drink during the flight, Williams responded and said that it was untrue.

“@AmericanAir Please refrain from placing any blame about what happened to me on your awful airline with your rude flight attendant! And if I inadvertently spilled a drink on the “man” – I had NO idea that happened. Who said it did @AmericanAir?” Williams tweeted on Friday.

The video caused a lot of debate over who was in the wrong. Some argued the man acted immature and could have dealt with the situation differently while others argued because the man's seat was in a part of the plane that did not allow him to recline, his limited amount of space was lessened even further and that he did have the right to be upset.

Source: NYPost.com

Photo: Twitter

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