Dude Who Pulled Coronavirus Prank on Subway Faces 5 Years in Prison

There's nothing wrong with a good prank when no one is harmed and it is done in good fun. Then, there are "pranks" that cross the line and put people in danger.

A Russian blogger was arrested and now faces 5 years in prison for pulling a Coronavirus stunt on a crowded subway car in Moscow.

The man was recorded stumbling to the ground and he starts convulsing in pain. A few of his friends who were in on the prank rush over to him and start exclaiming "Coronavirus!" and then run away. The stunt caused widespread panic and people pushed their way off the car when it got to its next stop.

The video was uploaded to social media and went viral (no pun intended). The police eventually saw the video and determined "the pranksters had deliberately 'provoked panic' on the subway and also suspected them of hooliganism, which is quite a serious offense, carrying a maximum punishment of five years in prison or major fines."

The prankster is currently being detained for 30 days while an investigation is being conducted.

Source: RT.com

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