Natural Light Beer Will Give You $100 to Borrow Your College Diploma

Put your college diploma to good use because Natural Light, makers of the worst beer in the world according to but makers of the best beer in the world to supply your parties in college, is helping you pay off your student loan.

The brand is giving people $100 to "rent" their diplomas, promising to give them back after using them for a little while. No specifics are given as to what will happen to it in their hands: "We just need it for something big we are brewing up for later this year," says their website,

What's the catch? It's not exactly clear, but here's the best description we could find:

Natty knows that the college experience is awesome, but also, college has never been more expensive. As part of the Natural Light College Debt Relief Program, we’ve made a $10M commitment to help pay down US graduates’ loans. You can learn more here. But that’s not all. Natural Light is doubling down on raising awareness around the cost of college by offering something for every single LDA American with a college diploma. We are renting diplomas from college graduates for $100 for something big we are brewing up.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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