Dude Pays $7,000 for Super Bowl Ticket, Takes a Nap During Game (Video)

Super Bowl tickets are expensive. According to CNBC, the estimated average cost of a ticket to the big game was the highest ever, going for around $7,000.

You figure if you have the type of coin to be able to afford a ticket to Miami, you'd want to soak in every moment of the game.

One man is going viral after he was caught fast asleep during the first quarter of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The video went viral, and after the dude eventually woke back up, people around him were showing him the video clip.

I feel bad that this dude missed part of the game but he either partied way too hard leading into the game or is incredibly ill. Or he is a master of the power nap. Either way I'm jealous that he is able to sleep during probably one of the loudest sporting events outside of NASCAR.

Source: Huffington Post

Photo: Getty Images

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