560lb ISIS Leader 'Jabba the Jihadi' Captured, Taken Away on Flatbed Truck

An ISIS leader has been located and captured by Iraqi special forces on Thursday.

Abu Abdul Bari, also known as Shifa al-Nima, also known as "Jabba the Jihadi," is a 560lb ISIS fanatic who ordered the execution of scholars and clerics who refused to pledge their allegiance to ISIS.

An "elite SWAT team" of Iraqi forces nabbed Jabba in the Nineveh region of the city of Mosul. Apparently he was so large that a flatbed truck was brought in to move him because he could not fit in a police car.

Maajid Nawaz, the founder of Quilliam, an counter-extremism think-tank based in London says,

“Do not underestimate the psychological blow the image of this obese monster being arrested is to ISIS. Gluttony is frowned upon by jihadists. But also, ISIS branded themselves as fighters possessing rare courage & discipline… meanwhile this walrus was their top religious cleric.”

The arrest of Bari is being applauded by many others familiar with the ISIS situation in the Middle East.

In 2014, it is believed he called for the destruction of a mosque built on the site believed to have been the burial site of the biblical prophet Jonah who was swallowed by a giant fish and vomited back on dry land three days later.

Source: NYPost.com

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