Congrats Baltimore, You Are the City with the Highest STD Rate in the US

A new study has revealed that Baltimore has the highest rate of STDs in the United States according to a compilation of statistics from 100 cities.

Innerbody says Baltimore has the highest STD rates due to these numbers of cases being reported over a one year time period: HIV - 207, Gonorrhea - 4,231, Chylamydia - 7,636, Syphilis - 210. Baltimore was ranked #6 last year.

Washington, DC was ranked #17 with 630 cases of HIV, 6,803 cases of Gonorrhea, 17,480 cases of Chlamydia and 426 cases of Syphilis.

Even though the raw numbers of STD reports from DC were much higher than Baltimore, the study says the Metro Population for DC is 1,773,266 versus Baltimore's 602,495.

Los Angeles came out on top of the list of overall STD cases last year with 92,401 but ranked #69 overall due to their Metro Population of over 10M people.


Photo: Getty Images

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