'New' Waffle Maker From Amazon Arrives With Food Still Inside


A California family was disgusted after they opened a "new" waffle maker they ordered on Amazon and found the remains of a waffle still inside. Brian McCarthy shared a photo of the waffle maker on Twitter and said that his mother had purchased it as a gift for his daughter. McCarthy told Business Insider that his mother bought the turquoise mini Baby Cakes Waffle Stick Maker directly through Amazon's Prime service and that it was not purchased from a third-party vendor.

Amazon replied to McCarthy's tweet a few hours later and asked him to have his mother provide more information. Since the tweet, McCarthy said Amazon offered a return, but he has not heard anything else about the incident.

"We never really received an explanation," he told Business Insider. "The only thing they offered was a return, which we would have done anyway."

McCarthy said that the disgusting find had damaged his opinion of Amazon, and he plans to scale back on how much he uses the online retailer.

"It's damaged my impression of the company, as this feels underhanded," McCarthy said. "I am actively reducing the purchases I make with Amazon and focusing on buying direct from retailers or buying locally."


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