A Washington Post Food Critic Unknowingly Exposed Man Cheating on Wife

If you're a dude cheating on your wife, there's a very reasonable chance you will get caught eventually. Whether it's leaving evidence at your home, in your car, having a bunch of texts get discovered, the list goes on.

But one dude got caught... by way of a restaurant review on the Washington Post.

Tom Sietsema wrote a review of Trummer's and the review seems innocuous as he describes one of the desserts and brunch. The review includes a photo of the place, but the only thing is one of the men in the photo is married and is having dinner with a woman who is not his wife. And the wife recognized him in the photo.

According to an email response Sietsema received, the wife confronted her husband and showed him the photo and he confessed he was having an affair. She thanked Tom for revealing the truth.

According to someone who replied to Tom's tweet, this is the purported photo that the woman saw her husband in:

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