Twenty One Pilots Host Press Conference With DC101 Listeners


Before they took over Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore with The Bandito Tour, Twenty One Pilots gathered 20 DC101 listeners into a room to host a press conference emceed by our own Klinger.

Over 40 minutes, we learned a lot about Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun! Like if Tyler wasn't in music, he would still want to explore ways to share his creativity in a field such as...real estate? But don't worry, Josh wouldn't be left out. While Tyler is selling houses, Josh would be the one buying them. We also got to revisit their days on Vine and Josh shared that he thinks that there is a thrill with holding expensive items (like you're phone) over the edge of a high building. We also touched base on the creation of Ned, the potential of a calf on calf challenge and Klinger complimenting Tyler's voice as being "welcoming," to which he responded with "is that just a nice way of saying feminine?" Check it out above and clips from their insane show below!



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